Thursday, December 19, 2019


A quick winter break in Porto ! Sounds perfect and it is - sort of - if you like rain.

We have resorted to eating and I think today I just ate one of the best meals EVER.  I had a moment in the Almeja restaurant, well actually 10 Moments.  I was about to just go for the beef but then given the weather we decided to splash out on the 10 moments taster menu.  And it was totally outstanding. I don't take photos of food because they always look awful but the final dessert of curry, coconut, lemon..... was so delicious I almost asked for another one.

On Tuesday as it was also raining we drowned our sorrows at DOP restaurant with the lunch time 27 € menu.  Totally delicious especially the octopus carpaccio as a starter. Yum!

These are really helping to chase away the rain blues - custard filled crispy pastry cases called Pastel de Nata.  I have done extensive research and the best just happen to be from a fantastic bakery just around the corner!

The other massive discovery I made is that Fly London shoes don't come from London but from Portugal.  To celebrate I bought a superb pair of Portuguese slippers from the Fly shop here in Porto.

On Friday it was also raining so we decided to take one of the old trams to see the sea.  We took line 1 from the first stop to the last stop for 3€50.  This is a lovely trip along the banks of the Douro - the Douro that was bursting those banks with all the rain.  When we got off it was raining so much that we dived into the first restaurant we saw Oporto Café.  And it was actually really good and we got a front row seat to watch the waves crashing over the harbour wall to boot.

Saturday and our final day in Porto and the rain finally stopped!!