Sunday, June 28, 2020

Goat's Cheese Arancini 🐐

Goat’s cheese arancini 
by Beth

Thanks very much to Beth for sharing this recipe which will go particularly well with my oak aged grenache gris Sleeping Beauty or Blanc Barrique

For the arancini
Some leftover risotto rice 
(To make this recipe I made up a batch the night before.  I finely chopped a small onion and then made the risotto with 100g rice and 450ml veg stock. Added a little pepper and thyme and left to chill in the fridge overnight) 
3 eggs
Goat’s cheese wheel (quantities of cheese to rice - you need about 2:1 in favour of the rice)
Fresh breadcrumbs
Fresh thyme and salt and pepper to season 

For the dipping sauce 
2 large tomato 
1 red pepper 
Fresh thyme (or Katie’s wild thyme) 
1 tsp ancho chilli paste (if you like it slightly spicy - this one is optional and the aracini are lovely without the chilli paste)
A little drop of acacia honey 

To make the dipping sauce
Slice the tomato and red peppers into big chunks 
Season the tomato and red pepper with a little oil and salt and pepper
Roast the tomato and red pepper in a low oven for about 1 and ½ hours (150 degrees should do it) 
Add a little stock to loosen and then blend (I’ve used veggie stock all the way through but chicken stock would work too) 
Add thyme, a drop of honey and season to taste 
Give it a whizz in the blender until smooth (if you increase the quantities this also makes a delicious pasta sauce) 
When ready to use reheat slowly and, if you like, add the ancho chilli paste just before you take it off the heat

To make the arancini
Take the leftover rice and the goat’s cheese
Chop the goat’s cheese into small pieces and mix with the rice 
Roll the rice into balls no bigger than a golf ball - the smaller they are the quicker they cook 
Leave in the fridge for 20mins to chill 

Mix the breadcrumbs with some thyme, salt and pepper
Coat the rice balls in the egg wash and roll in the breadcrumbs
Repeat/ double-dip if required 
Keep in the fridge until needed 

Heat up enough oil in the bottom of a pan to cover the rice-balls 
When hot (test with a piece of bread - lower it in and it should sizzle) add some of the balls and fry until golden brown.  Don’t overcrowd the pan
Cook until golden brown 

Turn the arancini over if you are a little short on the oil 
Please be careful.  If you have a deep fat fryer then that works perfectly well 
Serve drizzled with acacia honey with the dipping sauce on the side


Bon appetit!!!