Sunday, August 2, 2020

Wine Club Apero Recipes August 2020

Recipes for the Domaine Jones Macabeu 

These recipes were inspired by the spirit of Apero and by the fact that Macabeu is one of the grapes you often find just over the border in white rioja. I tried to include different ideas with different levels of effort depending on the time you have. Whenever I mention fresh thyme you can always choose to substitute Katie’s lovely dried herbs if you are lucky enough to have them.


Manchego and chorizo (with adjustments for a vegetarian option)

2 large potatoes
1tbs butter
100 g grated manchego
35g very finely chopped chorizo


1 large egg
Flour for coating
125g breadcrumbs (can make fresh or buy. I’m lazy so I buy) 1 tsp thyme

(if you are not using the chorizo then use 150g manchego instead)

Boil and mash the potatoes with the butter (you want this to be dryer than you’d normally make it or it will be difficult to work into shape)
Add the manchego while warm so it melts
(Add the chorizo if using)

Leave to chill in the fridge for a least an hour (the longer the better to firm up) Form about a tablespoon of the mixture into a log or a golf ball sized globe. Roll in the flour, then egg, then the breadcrumbs mixed with the thyme
Complete for all the mixture

I leave in the fridge to chill until I need them (prevents them breaking up in the fryer)

In a large pan pour enough oil to cover the croquettes heat the oil (check it’s hot by popping a small piece of bread in the oil - it should sizzle when it goes in)
Cook until brown and serve while warm

Serve with an ​apricot dipping sauce 2tbs apricot jam

2 tbs Macabeu
1tsb fresh thyme
2 fresh apricots chopped fine

Heat them all together until the apricots have melted into the sauce. Leave to cool and serve with the croquettes

Chorizo and Manchego skewers Super-simple and minimal cooking required!

Cut the manchego into bite sized pieces
For each piece of manchego cut a slice of chorizo Fry off the chorizo
Add to a skewer with the manchego

page2image3784416 page2image3785872

Top with a drizzle of honey

Serve with the ​apricot dipping sauce​ above

Chorizo crostini
Another super-simple combination

Cut an inch-thick round of baguette and fry/grill to brown
Add a little honey to the chorizo then add to the frying pan to brown

Serve with a drizzle of​ honey-mustard sauce

2 tbs mayo
2 tbs dijon
1 tbs grain mustard 2 tbs honey

Deep fried manchego
2 cm thick triangle of manchego (if you cut too thin, you can’t taste it when cooked.

Too think and it won’t melt)
1 large egg
Flour for coating
125g breadcrumbs (can make fresh or buy. I’m lazy so I buy) 1 tsp thyme

Dip the triangles in the flour, then the egg, then the flour with the thyme mixed in Keep in the fridge until needed

Deep fry in the oil (see the tips above to check it’s hot enough) Cook until brown on the outside and served straight away

Serve with the ​apricot dipping sauce​ from above

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Recipes for the Domaine Jones Syrah

This was inspired by the spicy notes of the Syrah to go nicely with the spiced cherry sauce. I tested this with both potato dauphinois and with thyme mash. As much as I normally love dauphinois the best match with the wine was the thyme mash.


For the ​cherry sauce

Depending on how many people you are serving you want to keep an equal number of tbs of brown sugar and red wine vinegar. I was serving 3 with the quantities below and had a little left over.

5 tbs brown sugar
5 tbs red wine vinegar
2 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
250 g cherries, halved (I used fresh but frozen would work too)


1 tsp cornflour with a splash of water

Heat the sugar and vinegar until the sugar has dissolved
Throw in the cherry halves
Cook until the cherries have gone soft but are still recognizable as per the image Add the water/cornflour mix if you need to thicken the sauce

I made this in the morning and microwaved for 2 mins to heat when I was ready to serve.

For the ​mash
1 large potato per person

2 tbs butter Splash of milk
2 tbs fresh thyme

Boil for around 20 mins until the potatoes have softened Mash with the butter and milk
Add the thyme

Roast ​duck breast
1 duck breast per person

(Can pan fry if you prefer - I leave in the oven as it’s less labour intensive!) Trim some of the excess fat
Score the remaining fat (do not cut through to the meat)
Fry skin side down for 3 mins to colour the meat

Roast for 15 mins on 200c (this cooked mine to medium so adjust cooking times according to your preference)

I served with green beans in a token gesture towards the vegetable family.