Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to harvest

All you need to become a professional looking picker is a pair of secateurs (orange is a good colour) a pile of boxes which will hold no more than 15 kg of grapes each, a pair of shorts, scruffy tee shirt and sensible shoes.  A hat is good too. Wait for it to get light, then take the track out of Maury up to Domaine Jones and start snipping away. Make sure the grapes don't get crushed and there are no leaves in the boxes. Mutter 'aie, aie mon dos', stop for a gauloise and a coffee from time to time and when you have filled up 80 cases put them in the back of the white Renault van and drive them carefully back to the Vatican.  Pick the Muscat first, followed a week later by the Grenache Gris, and then a fortnight later the red Grenache noir and Carignan.  Just for fun leave some Grenache Gris to make a delicious late harvest sweet wine.

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