Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grenache Gris, where are you?

Where have all the Grenache Gris gone?  Now that we have picked all of the Grenache Gris in Maury the harvest is considerably down on last year.  The bunches were just so tiny and sometimes only had 2 or 3 berries on them.  Other times it felt like the vineyard had already been harvested (and not just by the wild boar).  Grenache is an unpredictable grape at the best of times but this year my grapes are showing that they have a mind of their own by producing less when other producers are announcing higher yields than last year.  The cause, according to locals, is that for various reasons (wind, sun) the flowers weren't pollinated and grapes therefore didn't develop.  The Grenache 'ran' or coule as the french say.  They certainly have!

Jane looking for Grenache Gris

Aaaha, found some!