Saturday, September 18, 2010

Waiting for the reds to ripen

There has been a welcome lull in the 2010 harvest as I have, dare I admit to it, put my feet up and waited for the Grenache noir in Maury to ripen.  This is not as relaxing as it may seem - are the wild boars going to eat my grapes, is it going to rain and dilute the quality, are the grapes going to shrivel like raisins?  Sleepless nights and stress that many locals give in to and play the safety card preferring to pick earlier than taking the risks of a later harvest. Mais pas moi!

My grapes are not quite ripe yet.  The skins are thick this year and the grapes quite small so I need to wait for the skins to turn sweet - the best way to check the maturity is to munch on the skins.

Katie munching grapes

 In the Vatican the white is bubbling gently and the sweet Muscat has already finished its fermentation.

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