Sunday, November 7, 2010

Post harvest cool down

And the leaves that are green, turn to brown 
Today the final wine from the 2010 harvest was pressed in the Vatican.  It was the Fitou which marked the end of the harvest madness and a return to calm.  After 4 weeks of gentle fermentation and maceration it was time to get the first ever Jones Fitou juice off the skins and into barrel.  Getting the wine off was the easy bit, the harder bit was getting the skins out of the vat and into the press.  But good old Jones managed it single handed like a real vigneronne and now has the comfort of knowing that all the wines are through fermentation and gently ageing in vat and barrel.  I have 14 different barrels and vats from my 3 hectares of vines - the smallest one is just 80 litres and the largest 1000 litres.

Out in the vineyards the leaves are falling to the ground and the vines are waiting to be pruned.  They can wait a bit longer though as I have my first official outing from the village for months to Birmingham Bin Ends wine club.  Can't wait!

Jones vineyard in Tuchan
on the slippery slope