Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Welsh Leg

All of my grandparents, all 4 of them were born in Wales and having spent every single holiday as a baby, child and teenager in Pembrokeshire it was lovely to finally go back and talk about Domaine Jones.  And what a fantastic welcome I had in Cardiff.  Many thanks to the Mystere Wine Club where I was received with open arms, the wines went down a treat (the red beating off stiff competition to come top in their tasting) and just a really lovely bunch of people who enjoy enjoying wine!  Merci Gilbert (big fromage of the club) and all members.  And I would love to come back!

The Mystere Wine Club
 And then a fantastic meal at bullys set around Domaine Jones's wines.  Delicieux!

Thanks to Russell and Gareth and to all who attended or intended to attend!

Converting a Jones try
A Jones holding a bottle of Jones made by Jones

Raising a bottle to Jones
Domaine Jones enjoyed Cardiff and I wish it was more than just my leg that was welsh!