Friday, August 19, 2011

Greedy wild boar and flaming snails

Boars munch their way through the Muscat
The wild boar are not flavour of the month! In fact they need to watch out as hunting season has now started and I am a woman with a mission.  They managed to munch their way through my Muscat vines before we had time to get the electric fence up. I have lost about a third of the grapes which will make the very low production Jones Muscat even more rare in 2011.

Dripping lard into each snail
The summer heat has finally arrived and what better way to spend the time than a snail barbecue with french family and friends (actually I could think of quite a few ways).  This is a great local tradition and over 600 snails were prepared with salt and pepper, popped on a grill and lard melted into each snail.  Then they are cooked on the barbecue and eaten with home made garlic mayonnaise and french bread.  I managed to eat 5 - a feeble effort compared to my neighbour who chewed his way through 81!

Ready steady escargot!  Dribbly snails
And finally a word on the ripening grapes which after a speedy start to the growing season have now slowed down due to lack of sun and it looks like the harvest will be at about the same time as last year which is in about 2 weeks!!
Lovely ripening Grenache Gris grapes