Thursday, September 29, 2011

A lovely bunch

The 2011 harvest has been absolutely amazing - wall to wall sunshine since the first day of picking which means that all the stress of having to bring the harvest in quickly before it rains disappears and we have been able to take our time and wait until the grapes reach perfect ripeness.  Not that we've finished yet though.  I still have a small vineyard in Tuchan to pick but I have to wait for my Mum and Dad to get here as this is the vineyard picked by the Jones'.  My harvest newsletter will be coming out shortly but here are a couple of photos from the sunny Domaine Jones.

Carefully picked Syrah
Magda and a lovely bunch of Syrah

Sitting down on the job!

Pickers (including the Katie) resting in Maury

Grenache Gris grapes for Jones blanc

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