Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Big Prune Part II

We like a challenge in the Jones' family.  So barely had the oysters and dinde had time to go down, and we were back out secateurs at the ready in the Domaine Jones vineyard in Maury.  2.7 hectares, 8000 vines all needing a short back and sides before News Years Day.

Dad, feeling the pressure
Mum, a rayon of sunshine

The first day the sun shone and wasn't it lovely to be out in the great outdoors?  By the 5th day we had had wind, rain and rainbows but the moral never dipped.  We were chased from the vineyard by mosquitos, saw the flight of the starlings and got smoke in our eyes.  But we did it!  

We have started as we mean to go on - bring on 2012.

Katie, look no secateurs!