Monday, August 27, 2012

Fast cars, fat cakes and a red handbag

The Jones has just spent the weekend in Dusseldorf.   Dusseldorf, which I had always thought to be rather  grey, concrete and boring.  3 days in a marquee at the gourmet fest serving Domaine Jones to germans and I have seen it in a new light - I love it.  Fast cars, fat cakes and friends, 

I picked up fashion tips, konigsallee is the Champs Elysee of Germany (or the germans think it is).  Some of the fashions would be best left in germany but the large leafy tree lined avenue with the most amazing shops and cost of a square metre at 40000 euros bustled with visitors under the gentle german sun.  So I was in my element Queen Katie on Konigstrasse with her wines, shopping galore and a world of german gastronomy to discover.

I met my friends again, made some new ones  - the German branch of the Domaine Jones fan club is growing so I bought a bright red bag to celebrate. I also bought a dress with pink zebras on it which I am sort of regretting now.

So thanks to all, Bjorn the most mediterranean of germans for believing in my wines and Thilo for giving me the opportunity to spend the weekend in his little plastic chateau on the Konigstrasse. 

So from the bustling international metropolis of dusseldorf to the parochial back waters of rural france - the grapes await their picker, may the harvest begin.