Sunday, August 19, 2012

Middles of nowhere

Now when you live in the middle of nowhere, going on holiday to the middle of nowhere may not seem like a good idea.  But this is why I love France, there are hundreds of middles of nowhere and none of them are the same.

This is our middle of nowhere in the Hautes Pyrénées where we spent a couple of days perched on a mountain side with cows for neighbours.  The cheese was amazing as was the honey - all bought from local producers.

The other neighbour, the owner of the cows, single, 50 ish and still living with his mother didn't seem too optimistic about the future - apart from being the ideal candidate for 'The Farmer needs a Wife' you sometimes wonder how this type of farming continues to survive but it is what makes La France Profonde profonde.

The converted barn with that french feel

Hams ageing in the back room

French cupboards full of glasses and bowls

The hills were very much alive (mainly with cows and sheep) and the views very Julie Andrews. Perhaps it is the middle of somewhere!