Friday, November 2, 2012

Treasure at the bottom of our vineyard

Now this may look like any other abandoned vineyard but take another look - this vineyard is pretty special.

A couple of years ago, whilst Jean Marc was ploughing the vineyard to prepare it for replanting, he noticed that an abnormal amount of stones had been thrown to the surface.  And when he stood back and looked at the vineyard he saw that the stones were in straight lines.  Intrigued he got the experts in and sure enough his vines had been sitting on top of, would you believe it, a roman villa.

Unbelievably, and despite finding umpteen examples of roman pottery, roof tiles and jewelry nobody was interested to take the excavations further.

We were telling the story to friends from Oxford over dinner last night and they just found it so incredible that we got the metal detector out and went off to discover hidden treasure.

OK we didn't find any chests brimming with roman coins but within a couple of hours we had found quite an array of artifacts.

So we had a glass of wine to celebrate in the lovely November sunshine.

I would be so interested to find out what else is lurking below the surface and if anyone can help please let us know (