Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nice face, shame about the hard work

Even when the weather is a little english, the vineyards look absolutely amazing at this time of year.  These shots of Grenache Noir are taken in Maury on the classic black schist soils.  The mist lifted just enough to show the peaks of the hills in the distance.  

The whole valley on the back road between Estagel and Maury is alive with colour.  Here there is a little hamlet called Mas de las Fredas where there are some of the most exciting secret vineyards.  

The vineyards look lovely but now I am starting to appreciate the hard work behind the pretty face.  I am still convinced that a good looking vineyard will make a good wine but slopes mean no tractor, mean all done by hand mean a lot of hard work.  But that is what we specialise in here at Domaine Jones.