Friday, May 31, 2013

Après la pluie....

This is my first blog since the 7th of April.  But I would like to reassure you that my world has not stopped. Quite the opposite. I have had an extremely busy couple of months.  Probably the busiest since I set up Domaine Jones in 2009.

I am always one to try and make a positive out of a negative and that is where I came up with the idea of Après la Pluie.

When I told my mum about my disaster she said 'Don't worry Katie, when one door closes, another always opens'.  It was when I was driving down to the supermarket in Perpignan with the mediterranean sea just in view, that I tried to translate this message of encouragement and perseverance.

The french would say 'Après la pluie, le beau temps' sunshine after rain - perfect!  Just perfect especially after all the rain we have been having - yes, even down here!

But having limited amounts of wine available from my own vineyards, I have selected a deliciously, pale pink, fruity rosé from over towards Montpellier.  It is definitely a happy, positive wine and I am just waiting for the rain clouds to disappear and the sun to shine so that I can get out into the garden and enjoy a glass or two!

As the labels have just arrived on my desk I thought I'd give you a sneak preview.  Everything should be ready by mid June so I will keep you posted.

Thanks to Tim Bulmer for the lovely drawing and to Martin for his wonderful design skills!!