Sunday, July 14, 2013

Miss Jones Fitou in The Times

I think my 14th of July celebration came a little early this year - about a week early.

Last Saturday Fitou by Miss Jones from Majestic was selected by Jane Macquitty in the Times as her overall favourite red in her top 50 reds for the summer

"Jane’s favourite
2011 Fitou by Mademoiselle Jones, Languedoc, France
Majestic, £14.99 or two for £11.99 each until July 18 

Katie Jones worked for 17 years at the Tuchan co-operative, so if any Englishwoman knows what’s what at this western end of the Languedoc, she does. She owns seven hectares of up to a century-old carignan and grenache, plus 20-year-old syrah. Blend together, give it a dusting of French oak and you get a dazzling fat, tangy, violets and herb scrub-scented red, with a bitter chocolate finish. Magnificent."

Time to get the sparklers out and storm a Bastille or two!!