Thursday, February 6, 2014


Stand A3 D62

Vinisud, Montpellier 
24th - 26th February

I am on the ROOTS 66* stand and will have my own barrel from where I will be showing to the trade for the first time my new range LES PERLES de Jones.

Grenache Gris
Carignan Gris
Carignan Noir
Lledenor Pelut (from 2014)

and La Perle Rare

I recently bought some more vineyards in the village of Tuchan but not just any old vineyards.  Well old yes - up to 100 year old vines and planted with a mix of different grape varieties sometimes co planted in the same vineyard.  We kept the grape varieties separate and the new Perles range was born. 

Domaine Jones Fitou as well as Domaine Jones rouge and blanc will also be making an appearance and if it stops raining some Après la Pluie rosé!

Roots 66 

We are a bunch of about 20 vignerons from all over France and further afield who have settled in the Roussillon convinced of the potential for quality wines.  For us the longer the roots the better the wine.  And to get long roots that takes time.  Most of the vines belonging to the producers in Root 66 are over 60 years old and are the traditional varieties of the area - Carignan, Grenache,  Macabeu Grenache gris....

Which area?  Call it what you like - The Roussillon, The Fenouilledes, the Agly Valley or quite simple the area around the north of Perpignan near Maury with the post code 66.

In the words of The Rolling Stones  - 'get your kicks on Roots 66'