Friday, October 28, 2016

La Perle Rare Blanc 2014 - Manchester Evening News

'To say that I enjoyed this wine would be an understatement of vast proportions. It's certainly the most accomplished wine I have ever tasted made from Grenache Gris. Grenache Gris and Blanc can have a tendency to produce fat wines whose lack of acidity can make them taste less impressive with each taste. This wine however suffers from no blowsiness despite its immense power. Seductive and aromatic, there's a floral nose infused by fennel and tempered by a buttery lick of oak. The palate is slightly waxy with a wholesome mouthful of soft ripe pear and candied lemon. It's all brought into shape by slaking acidity. A title-winning effort.'

Raise a glass with Andy Cronshaw: Manchester Evening News, Rochdale Observer, Rossendale Free Press (May 2016)