Monday, August 7, 2017

2017 Harvest countdown

the 2017 harvest
I had a slight panic attack when I saw on the local news that the harvest has already started down on the plains near Perpignan, 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  We have just checked the vines and although Perpignan is only 40 km away our grapes are still a good couple of weeks off.   During the past two weeks the weather has not been quite so hot and we have had afternoon storms and clouds blown in from the sea.  This has slowed the grapes down slightly and so it looks like we will probably be harvesting perhaps a week early so towards the end of August.  

The grapes are looking really, really good which means we can leave them to ripen without the pressure of having to pick due to the risk of rot.

So as long as those pesky wild boars stop stampeding our vineyards it looks like we're in for a great harvest.