Thursday, March 1, 2018

Moscow Paris

As I opened the shutters this morning there is no sign of the Beast from the East in the village of Tuchan.  Its 8° and damp, no snow, no frost, no ice - almost spring like.

In France the cold snap is called the Moscow Paris, not nearly as catchy as the Beast from the East, but even the Moscow Paris didn't go via Tuchan.

We did have a flurry of snow yesterday and had it continued for more than 2 minutes we may have been snowed in but by 10 am it had all melted.

I am not complaining at all even if I feel we are missing out on all the action.  But for the vines a little bit of snow is not a bad thing at this time of year and at least it stops them from springing into action too early and then being damaged by a late frost like last year.

A sleeping vine not quite ready to spring into action
The almond blossom is out here and it is so beautiful so I am sending a little bit of southern warmth with the thoughts of warmer days that are just around the corner.  I am sorry for the blue skies but the blossom does look a bit like snow flakes.

My definite wine recommendation to beat the Beast would be a delicious bottle of Domaine Jones Fitou (any vintage from 2010 onwards)  if possible drunk in front of an open fire with a wholesome stew.