Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Hairy Grenache 2018

This is grenache but not as you know it! 

It's here - the long awaited new vintage of Hairy Grenache 2018.  This is our second vintage of 100% Lledoner Pelut aka hairy grenache and it's every bit as hairy as last years!  

We love it - it has delicious raspberry and strawberry fruit on the nose and such a delightful smoothness in the mouth.  It is perfect for summer barbecues and when you prefer a slightly lighter glass of red.  The other day we enjoyed a glass with the local dish - Boules de Picolat - which are meatballs in a tomato sauce and it went perfectly - we also tried it with a young local goat's cheese and it was so good we carried on drinking it with our fresh strawberry dessert.  That wasn't quite as good but I bet it's great with a dark chocolate dessert. 

Our little secret for this wine is to only leave the skins in the juice for 4 days before pressing and leaving the fermentation to finish without the skins.  This way you get all the fruit flavour but without the dryness of the tannins.  It took us a while to understand this grape but now we know how to treat it it is rapidly turning into my favourite grape.  You could say we've found the perfect hairstyle for our Lledoner Pelut.