Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just going to powder my vines

Up at 5.30 am before the sun and off to put sulphur on the vines in Maury.  The vines have literally exploded with leaves and I need to powder them before oidium sets in.  The Muscat and Carignan are particularly prone to oidium so I did these first then moved on to the Grenache. Suphur is a natural product that has been used for years and can be used in organic farming.  It makes your eyes sting and your jewelry go black but has excellent preventative properties against vine diseases.

Oidium can be a problem but it is relatively minor compared to wetter areas such as Bordeaux or the Loire. Depending on the weather I will probably only have to powder once or twice more. The black slate soils provide excellent drainage and the wind dries the vines and prevents rot setting in.  So we are very lucky down here, although it didn't feel like it at 5.30 this morning.

The little bunches of grapes are visible too.


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