Saturday, August 21, 2010

Countdown to the 2010 harvest

Squashed Muscat in a bag to extract juice
Ripening Muscat

Back from a refreshing holiday in south Wales, I popped up to Maury last night to see how my grapes were coming along.  It is still to early to say when we will be picking but I will be starting with the Muscat which will be ripe before the Grenache Gris and the reds.  So armed with my special sugar checking equipment (refractometer, plastic bag) I took the dog and we collected a bag full of muscat grapes, squashed them to a pulp and measured the sugar content in the juice with the refractometer.  We tasted the grapes too and checked to see if the pips and skins were ripe.

The dog didn't help much, except for yelping to confirm that the electric fence is still working, but another week and we should be starting the harvest.

The Queribus castle protecting Domaine Jones