Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Annie's lamb Blanquette with potatoes

This one pot stew is a local variation on the classic Blanquette de Veau dish found elsewhere in France. The name of this dish is derived from the colour of the sauce which is white ‘blanc’ and is traditionally made with veal in a cream and egg sauce. Veal and cream were expensive ingredients so Annie (like her mother before her) has adapted the recipe to make a flavoursome stew using lamb as the main ingredient.

Ingredients for 4 people
Preparation time 30 minutes
Cooking time 1 hr

1 kg of neck of lamb cut into cubes (top of leg and shoulder can also be added)
Tablespoon of olive oil
Teaspoon of salt
Pinch of pepper
3 cloves garlic
Handful of chopped parsley
Tablespoon flour
Egg yolk
2 tablespoons of chilled vegetable stock
2 large potatoes peeled and divided into 4

1. Heat the oil in large flameproof casserole and lightly brown the lamb on all sides.
2. Add the salt and pepper and the chopped garlic and parsley and stir.
3. Continue stirring and add the flour to coat the pieces of meat.
4. Add the water so that it covers the meat.
5. Add the thyme
6. Give it a good stir then leave to simmer for 30 minutes with the lid on stirring occasionally.
7. After 30 minutes add the potatoes and leave to cook for a further 30 minutes. Remove from the heat. 8. Skim off the fat from the top of the sauce.
9. Beat the egg yoke with the chilled vegetable stock then add slowly to the sauce stirring as you do so. Make sure that the sauce is not boiling as otherwise the egg yolk will curdle.