Thursday, March 8, 2012

Domaine Jones in Germany

I have just got back from what must be the largest wine fair in the world, Prowein.  It is held every year in Dusseldorf and there are over 3000 exhibitors from all over the planet.  Sometimes I wasn't quite sure which planet I was on!  I met more people than I see in a year in the village of Paziols and it feels like most of Germany tasted my wines.  

Country bumpkin Katie, who had packed a good deal of sunshine in her suitcase, had a great time in the bright lights and buzz of the big city.  And it seems like the wines were greatly appreciated too.

Jones Fitou bringing sunshine to Germany

A happy Thilo Marquess from Rolf Kaspar

Doing the business on the Pompaelo stand at Prowein

I ate yellow carrots for the first time when I was kindly invited to join Sven Henrik for a family lunch above his wine shop - delicious and the cakes afterwards were just heavenly!  

Sven who has a passion for repairing double basses

Next week is going to seem a little quiet in my silent vineyards but I will put Kraftwerk in my headphones and think about my next visit to Germany.

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