Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rhubarb clafoutis

The lovely sounding french word Clafoutis describes a type of pancakey cake mixture that you can pour on different types of fruit and bake in the oven to make a delicious dessert.  I suppose it could be the french equivalent of crumble.  The best clafoutis use fruit with a good sharpness such as apricots or wild cherries.  I used rhubarb inspired by the recent recipe in the paper and will be doing it again soon.

For 4 people
350 g of rhubarb
150 g of sugar
30g of butter

Pancake mixture
100 g flour
pinch of salt
50 g sugar
2 eggs
10 cl milk

Heat oven to 200° C

1 Cut rhubarb into 2 cm long pieces
2 Add 100 g of sugar and leave for 3 hours
3 Make the pancake mixture by mixing the flour, salt and sugar together and a pinch of salt
4 Make a well and add the beaten eggs and milk to make a thick pancake mixture
5 Butter a dish and sprinkle with 20 g of sugar
6 Add half of the pancake mixture
7 Drain the rhubarb and add to the dish
8 Add the remaining pancake mixture
9 Cook for 10 minutes then take out and sprinkle with remaining sugar
10 Cook for a further 20 minutes