Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Queen of Fitou gets Gold (and funny looks from the locals)

Photo taken by Nigel Bradley

Happy Jubilee weekend everyone! 

I have something to celebrate too - a GOLD medal for Domaine Jones Fitou 2010 at this year's International Wine Challenge. What better way to celebrate but to dress up as the Queen of Fitou and sit in my tiny kingdom of vines. Not quite sure what the locals made of it but you don't get gold everyday and especially not for your first vintage.

The Domaine Jones Fitou was tasted blind against over 12000 wines from around the world. Only 423 gold medals were awarded and the wine was tasted by over 10 different judges including Charles Metcalfe, Tim Atkin MW, Oz Clarke.

A very limited amount of Fitou 2010 is available and can be purchased online at Domaine Jones at £25 per bottle including delivery

And a big word of thanks to Nigel Bradley for capturing the regal pose so well!