Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Harvest Diary 2014

We seem to be having a 'rest' here at Domaine Jones.  It is not that we particularly fancied a rest but two rather important things have given us no choice - the grapes aren't ripe and it's raining.

We have harvested all of the white grapes except for our late ripening Carignan Gris and all of the Syrah except for one small high altitude parcel that isn't ripe yet.  So we were just waiting for the Carignan and Grenache Noir to fully ripen and then it started to rain.  We were forecast 5 days of wall to wall rain which is not ideal during the harvest.  Fortunately we have only had 2 nights of rain (45 mm each night though).  Now the skies have cleared, the sun is back, the pickers are raring to go but you can't just dash back into the vineyard and start picking.

You have to wait!  Picking straight after rain can dilute the resulting wine not because of the water on the outside of the grapes but because of the water on the inside of the grapes.  So although tomorrow looks like being a perfect picking day we will not be picking but waiting for the grapes to get their concentration back.