Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Harvest Diary 2014

Last week it was the Syrah's turn to be picked.  And how lucky we were to have an all girl team (and Owen) to help bring it in!  'Old' University friend Liz and her colleagues Nicky and Jo from The Wine Society came down for a week's harvesting and we were joined by experienced picker Julia from Europvin who has done every single one of Domaine Jones' 6 harvests!  Or at least a little bit of every single one!

After checking the ripeness, Liz decided it was time to bring those grapes in so we got out the picking cases, buckets and secateurs and in a very lady like fashion brought those grapes in!

Julia and her lovely bunches

In the afternoon and after a hearty wild boar stew and a glass or two of Domaine Jones Fitou, we sorted the grapes and popped them into (a very small) tank.

Many hands definitely did make light work and many smiles too!
Haven't laughed so much in ages!!  Merci beaucoup les filles!

The team sporting the new Jones t- shirt