Friday, September 9, 2016

Harvest Diary 2016 - rack and roll

Friday 9th September

It's time for a bit of racking to get the grape juice ready for fermentation. The grape juice has been chilling nicely in the vats for a couple of days and now we want to start fermentation. but before we do that we need to take the clear juice off the crud that has deposited at the bottom of the tank.  If you don't you get what is known as a dirty ferment and we don't want one of those.

Sounds easy and it is at least for the first 5 minutes but as you get nearer the bottom of the tank the danger is that you disturb the sediment with a false manoeuvre and it clouds the clear juice. I am the queen of false manoeuvres so this is a job for Steve or Monsieur Jones who both have longer arms than me.