Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Harvest Diary 2016 - rain does not stop play

6.00 am          Alarm rings but already awake listening to the sound of rain.  Rain was forecast but until it actually happens you are never sure - forecasted torrential rain has too often than not turned into a light shower but today is going to be different - it is actually raining big time.

6.15 am         Coffee and croissant

6.45 am         Down to the La Gare Winery to get the first press of the morning on.  Lovely muscat grapes bursting with sweet juice.  50 cases loaded in the press by hand - no need to go down the gym.  Full body work out and 10 000 steps before 12 am.

Team Jones ready for action in the rain - Tassy, Steve and Pauline (Vinesmiths).
7.30 am         Washing the empty cases in the rain doesn't have the same attraction as in 35° heat but team Jones is on the job (thanks Tassy).  I'm just reliving memories of childhood caravan holidays in Wales and relieved to finally have some rain.

9.00 am          First press of the day finished.  Time to gently pump the lovely juice into the tank to settle and empty the stalks from the press (thanks Steve).  Sounds easy but need to push press out of winery, empty stalks or as many as possible into tray, then shovel others off the floor into tray.  Then one lucky member of team Jones needs to get their wet weather gear on and get inside the press with the hose and give it a good rinse out.  I think I'll get the kettle on!

Well earned coffee break 

9.15 am         Press clean (thanks Pauline) and pushed back into the winery, 50 more cases waiting to be loaded.  The challenge for team Jones today is 4 presses before bedtime!  Thanks team Jones.

Smiling through the clouds